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Teletronics Access Gateway (TAG 800)


The TAG800 is a suitable solution for indoor public hotspots such as coffee shops, hotels, & airports wishing to deploy Wi-Fi Internet Access to its customers.




TAG 800


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Teletronics Access Gateway (TAG-400) is a suitable solution
for indoor public hotspots such as coffes shops, bookstores, hotels, libraries, and airports wishing to deploy Wi-Fi Internet Access to its customers without requiring user configuration to connect to the facility's network with No Extra Staff needed.

This cost effective solution combines access point and access
control gateway functions in one single unit. A compact button
operated printer connects directly to the gateway, allowing clerks
and cashiers to generate accounts and print receipts with billing information immediately without PC operating.

User Manual | Technical Specifications | Quick Set-Up Guide
TAG400 Hardware Specifications

Teletronics Access Gateway (TAG400)
Item# 11-504

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Features of TAG-400
1. HotSpot Solution for rapid deployment
2. Hassle-Free Customer Service
3. Built-In Authentication
4. Comprehensive Security Features
5. Enhance Local Service
6. Easy to Use

HotSpot Solution for rapid deployment

The TAG400 (Teletronics Access Gateway) is a wirelss LAN gateway suitable for Hot Spot deployment in such areas like hotels, airports, bookstores, coffee shops, conference facilities and other sites that commonly hosts business travelers and offers high-speed Internet connections.

Hassle-Free Customer Service

The TAG400 helps solve connectivity problems by configuring the correct IP address for Internet access, regardless of a user's computer settings. The built-in technology recognizes new users on the network and accommodates all IP configurations such as DCHP, Private IP or Static IP, without altering the settings.

Built-In Authentication

The TAG400 works with a built-in authentication server to validate customer login names nad passwords and to monitor usage status.

Comprehensive Security Features

The TAG400 provides a fully secure operating enviroment with VPN pass through & SSL certificate. Users can surf the web worry-free.

Enhance Local Service

The TAG400 has the ability to let you redirect end users to your advertising web pages–allowing mulitple URL link redirections, increasing your potential for revenue and traffic. The login and sign up pages are fully customizable.

Easy to Use

The TAG400 features an easy-to-use management interface. The operating system-independent interface allows operators to set user access priveleges in increments of time such as minutes, days, or even months. User information are conveniently printed on the button-operated printer included with the TAG400.

Technical Specifications

Standard Compliance

Power Requirement

Operating Temperature

IEE 802.3 10BaseT Ethernet
IEE 802.3u 100BaseT Ethernet
ANSI/IEEE 802.3 NWay auto-negotiation

External Power Adapter
Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0A
Output: 5V, 2.5A

Temperature: 10-50 C
Storage Temp: -20 to 70 C
Humidity: Max. 95% Non Condensing

User Accounting and Authent.

LED Indicators


Built-in Accounting System
Web-based authentication
Built-in Authentication System
Built-in express billing System
Selective Web-based Accounting
Exclusive Printer Accounting
Printout Customization

One Power LED
One WAN Link/Activity LED
Four WAN Link/Activity LED
One Status LED

Wall Mounting

Rich Networking Function

Security Firewall

Marketing Solutions

NAT (FRC 1631)
DNS Redirection
Various WAN Connections
(Static IP/DHCP Client)
DHCP Server
IP Multicaset support
Radius Client

Admin Configuration
VPN (IPSec/PPTP) Pass Through

Standard Login Page
IP pass through
MAC pass through
Advertisement URL Link
Walled Garden

Marketing Cooperation



Admin Configuration
VPN (IPSec/PPTP) Pass Through

Web-based Management Tool
Software Update HTTP/FTP
Transparent and Intelligent UI
Password Control for Configuration
Remote Authorized Management
Web Configuration Restore

Size: 200 W x 215 l x 150 h
Weight: About 800g (Net)

TAG 400 Hardware Specifications:

CPU Speed:


System Memory:

1x168 pin DIMM max. up to 512MB
64MB SDRAM onboard


VIA VT8601T + VT82C686B


Phoenix-Award BIOS with 2Mbit Flash


CompactFlash TM Type II Socket (512 MB)

Board Unique ID:

Dallas DS2401 Controller

Watchdog Timer:

System Rest and NMI; 64 Levels,
0.5 ~ 8/5 ~ 80/50 ~ 800/100 ~ 1600 Seconds

Ethernet Interface:

4 Ports 10/100 BaseT Ethernet with Auto-Sense mode


Lithium 3V/196 mAH


203mm x 146mm/ 0.32kg


0 ~ 60deg C, Operation

Operation Humidity:

105 ~ 95% relative humidity, non-condensing







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