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Teletronics offers qualified owners/operators this program which finances 30% to 70% of a promising broadband wireless system project, particularly in developing countries. Write to us about your plans.


Teletronics Wireless Partnership Program

From a traditional telco systems point of view, owners/operators interested in upgrading
and expanding their systems face several challenges:

Extensive technological expertise and infrastructure are required.

Wireline T-1 costs are prohibitive to all but the highest-end customer
and installation time is lengthy.

Fiber-optic cable is extremely expensive to deploy, especially over the "last mile"
to the customer site location and the cost is rarely justifiable to a single user.

The distance from the customer site to the telephone company central office
limits the use of DSL. Typically, the end-user must be within 5 kilometers of the central office.

Cable TV systems are again short-range systems being limited in their deployment and
additional users accessing the same capability simultaneously dampen bandwidth availability.

Satellite systems are hampered by problems with latency, line of sight access,
backhaul availability and real estate logistics.

Some of the advantages of going with Teletronics wireless broadband solutions:

Overall costs, including system design, installation and commissioning, are well below those for wireline and satellite alternatives.

End-user’s deployment costs of $500 or less per location. Deployment can be on
a total solution/turn-key basis.

Deployment costs that are incurred linearly as subscriber base increases.

Fast deployment, immediate operation and revenue generation, particularly for
IP-based operations such as Internet, VoIP, WLAN, Intranet, VPN, etc.

Ease of relocation and/or redeployment of the system

Transmission capacity that is easily scalable with demand.

Bandwidth availability that can be managed and upgraded as more users come online.

Low operating and maintenance costs.

7 a.m. – 11 p.m. support availability.

Simplified or no regulatory licensing issues due to low-power transmission status.

Reliable long-term revenue generation for owners and/or operators.

Teletronics' Wireless Partnership Program

Teletronics is keenly aware that raising the necessary capital continues to be the single most significant
obstacle for implementing a broadband wireless system for many owners/operators. To help overcome this obstacle, Teletronics offers qualified owners/operators the Wireless Partnership Program, which finances
30% to 70% of a qualified broadband wireless system project, particularly in developing countries. Interested owners/operators are encouraged to contact Teletronics with a brief summary or outline of the project, including:

a. Your project plan, including project type (whether it is a school system, chain stores, a suburban
community, or a metropolitan area), location/markets, and a revenue generating projection.

b. Your team strength, capabilities, marketing plan, channels, financials, and previous operational history.

A member of the Teletronics team will perform the necessary due diligence on the owner/operator and
the project, and will respond to your submission in a timely manner with an analysis, inquiries, and a recommendation.

For qualifying projects, Teletronics will provide a written response outlining the financing parameters
and any related requirements. If a project is approved by Teletronics, the company will offer to fully
implement the system on a turn-key basis, including training your team to operate the system and generate revenue. In defining such a joint venture between Teletronics and the owner/operator, the emphasis will
be on the potential of (i) immediate revenue generation; and (ii) the long term strategic business growth
prospects between the parties.

For projects in excess of $2,000,000, Teletronics' financing may include participation by one or more of the following: Wall Street; commercial/investment banks; institutional investors; multilateral financing agencies
(e.g. EximBank, USTDA, OPIC, EBRD, IFC, UNDP, ADB, etc.); and/or public, private, and quasi-private
investment funds. To the extent that Teletronics' proposed financing includes outside participation by one
of the above bankers/investors, such banker/investor may perform its own due diligence on the owner/operator and/or the project.

Project Summary:

Type of Project

Project Size

Teletronics %

Owner/Operator %

School, Office Bldg


30% *1


City, Highway, Chain stores


40% *1


Metropolitan Area


50% *1




60% *1


Large Projects/International *3


70% *2


  • Project types/sizes are examples only

  • All owners/operators (O/O) must be prequalified by Teletronics

*1 - % of financial committment must be paid in advance; and Teletronics'
financing must be repaid by % within 18 months.

*2 - Project/transaction subject to Bank or investor approval; and Teletronics financing
must be repaid by % within 24 months.

*3 - Depending on the size and/or location of project, international financing agencies
(e.g. EximBank, USAID, OPIC, IFC, UNDP, EBRD, ADB, etc.); commercial/investment banks;
institutional investors; multilateral financing agencies; and/or public, private, and quasi-private
investment funds may be invited or required to participate/finance/invest in the project.


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