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Broadband Video - See Globally from Local Control


Teletronics works with customers for video transmissions and/or video surveillance when wireless long-distance transmission becomes necessary, the bandwidth range and price make Teletronics solution unbeatable. IPTV
and artificial intelligence applications can be wireless too.


Teletronics Broadband Video Systems

Remote surveillance/monitoring/security over long distances requires effective and stable broadband wireless transmission.
Teletronics' EZLoop® systems have been used effectively for these very purposes. The fundamental broadband video
configuration is a general one based on Direct Access on LAN. This is a straightforward and low-cost solution, as illustrated
in the following drawing: (Click image to enlarge)

With over 20MB throughput, an EZLoop® system can typically reach up to 3 remote sites which provide remote imageries
within the specific bandwidth requirement from a number of field cameras. At Teletronics, we work with our customers to
become familiar with the specific applications for which our EZLoop® systems will be used, and design the entire system
based on commercially available cameras, lenses and software packages. In many instances, customers already have
relationships with specific video equipment vendors; and Teletronics makes it a point to work with such vendors to provide
the customers with the long-range delivery solutions they want.

For more sophisticated and advanced applications, customers will want command and control capabilities and multiple
simultaneous viewing of imageries. One common approach is a surveillance system configured through a distributed
server-side caching. An illustration is shown below: (Click image to enlarge)

Teletronics currently has teaming arrangements with several leading IP-Based vision/software companies for providing
surveillance, monitoring and security solutions specially designed to fit the customer's needs for any advanced applications.

IPTV and artificial intelligence applications are the emergent major areas in which broadband wireless can contribute. At the
forefront of broadband wireless technology, Teletronics has the vision to be the transmission provider in these exciting fields.

The idea is intuitive, even simple, but far-reaching in its scope: see globally by controlling locally.
Teletronics’ EZLoop® does just that.



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