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EZLoop® Systems




The devices that integrate the Teletronics' EZLoop® product line are fully compatible with the
SIP Standard and use the most advanced VoIP technology, including enterprise Asterisk PBX
software. Designed to provide flexibility and ease of use, these low-cost products are suitable
for organizations seeking to reduce their telecommunications costs by implementing VoIP,
or looking for a simple way of expanding or upgrading their existing SIP VoIP network.

>> Please click here to download the EZLoop® product line flyer



EZLoop® Product Line

Enterprise SIP Server
Enterprise IP PBX Server

FXO PSTN Gateways

FXS VoIP Adapters
FXS1 Plus
FXS2 Plus

VoIP Phones
VoIP LAN Phone
VoIP Wi-Fi Phone
VoIP USB Phone
VoIP Wireless Phone
VoIP PoE LAN Phone


EZLoop® Application Illustration Diagram




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