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Teletronics Home PNA - Get the Most Out of Your Phone Line


Under the registered trademark of Avinta, Teletronics Home PNA provides broadband
connectivity in your home using only your telephone wires!


Home PNA

Under an exclusive license from Avinta, Teletronics has developed a patent protected system
that facilitates the interconnection of all SOHO transmission technologies, such that devices can be connected
by consumer at well. And, operation is transparent of technologies, as far as the consumer is concerned.

One recent subtle development is that an inexpensive device is now available to couple between phone line
and coaxial cable, so that phone line based broadband signal can be transmitted on either infrastructure,
expanding the number of access points for Home PNA.

Target Market and Size: SOHO & Residential Markets

1. 100M+ households (30M+ with multiple PCs)
2. 25M+ SOHOs
3. Total Market Size: $28B (CY2007 projection)

Worldwide (including USA)
1. 4~5 x USA
2. 5% Annual Growth

These numbers are from statistic reports that give a general idea of the scope of the market. The actual
market could be much bigger, once a human intuitive solution becomes available. AvintaNET is poised
to lead broadband industry to cross this threshold.

Core Technology

Generalized Broadband Premises Network Architecture

Domain Partition (WAN-HAN-PAN)

Device Address Scheme

Agnostic Platform

Service Demarcation

AvintaNET technology is a combination of reusing traditional communication disciplines such as
telelphony practices, and patented networking methods invented by Avinta. Instead of mixing many
parties into one service package, AvintaNET clearly isolates responsibilities among equipment
manufacturers, service providers, application vendors and end-users. This is done by empowering
end-users with the ability to identify trouble sources in a natural manner.

Avinta's patented IPs allow end-user to have full control of the equipment for everyday use, as well
as utilizing it as diagnostic instrument.

Product Roadmap

Primary Networking Infrastructure: Telephony based HAN

Complimentary HAN Technologies
Wireless & PLC (Power Line Carrier)

ABC & ABIs (Avinta Broadband Core & Integrated Chips)

Innovative Networked CE Devices

The first suite of AvintaNET products will be based on telephony because ICs in this field have
reached the perform level required by AvintaNET. As wireless or PLC technology achieves equally
capable status, AvintaNET will make use of such technology.

Integrating AvintaNET core capability with transmission technology will speed up the mass production
by bringing the cost down for the products. With the infrastructure business reputation established,
attractive CE devices will be identified by Avinta Technology as add-on offerings.

Market Analysis

ASP (Access Service Provider) Service Package
Consumer: Black-Box package

Competitive Advantages
No known direct competitors
Superior by far to other HAN technologies (Wireless, PLC, etc.)
Protected by Avinta's two-tiered IPs
Market Lead: 1+ year, to be secured by continual R&D and
capitalizing on early market dominance

Only by starting from a black-box modular product approach, could both consumer's and service
provider's desires be simultaneously satisfied. AvintaNET is a networking solution based on Ethernet.
Thus, it is agnostic to all technologies. Once there is one set of technologies able to fulfill AvintaNET
requirements, it is up to other technologies to match with such performance caliber.

Marketing, Sales & Manufacturing Strategies

Concurrent Multi-Prong Marketing Strategy
-Promote AvintaNET through standard organizations & industrial consortia
-Strategic partnership with first tier carriers/ASP & national retail chains

Phased Multi-Channel Sales Strategy
-Access Service Providers
-National Retail Chains
-Mass Merchandising

Team Manufacturing Strategy
-Virtual capability/capacity through partnership
-Quality assurance through total-quality management

Although AvintaNET modules are end-user consumer products, traditional marketing and sales
tactics would not work because it is not only very costly, but also nearly impossible to re-educate
the mass after over one decade of marketing slogans by the current broadband industry.

A fundamental reorientation have been started with high-level organizations. A top-down sales
strategy allows AvintaNET products to be introduced through a more focused channel allowing
orderly deployment phases. Since this is a huge market, a teamed manufacturing arrangement
would allow each party to concentrate on its respective strong points.

Demo Illustration Example:

Please click here for more information on Avinta.



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