Wi-Fi EZHotSpot®

Wi-Fi allows broadband connectivity within ranges of a few hundred feet from
the Access Point. By employing Teletronics' routers/bridges which controls many Access Points, you can easily blanket your entire region of interest. You can be a hotspot operator by monitoring/controlling/managing the Wi-Fi access service to your users, who are your subscribers.




EZ HotSpot provides high-speed Wi-Fi wireless and wired Internet access to public locations around the world.

Operators who need to provide Internet access in public locations want systems that can be cost-effectively
deployed and managed. Teletronics' total solution, including its Network Operating Centers (NOCs), Teletronics Access Gateways (TAGs), and Prepaid Cards, is marketed under the registered trademark EZHotSpot® as a
system allowing operators to quickly commission hotspot operations, thereby providing high-speed WiFi
wireless (T1 or SDSL) and wired high-speed Internet access to public locations and seeing reliable returns
on their investments.

Where is the NOC?
The EZHotSpot® NOC manages all hotspot gateways or nodes in provisioning, configuration, authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA), billing, and monitoring for each hotspot network. The NOC can be privately
owned and operated at a location designated by the customer; alternately, the NOC can be centralized and
managed by Teletronics for the customer.

What does EZHotSpot offer?
At Teletronics, we are not just offering wireless internet, we are offering solutions. With the exponential increase
in wireless usage around the world, our goal is to provide users with immediate, trouble-free access to their
email or other additional Internet activity they require, such as VoIP, video gaming, surveillance and security etc.


The Advantages of EZHotSpot® for the Owner/Operator

Attracts new guests/customers and keeps old ones loyal

Solutions tailor-made for your location

Additional Revenue

Internet access throughout your property

Secure Environment

Your location becomes the deciding factor for potential clients

Hassle-free operation for end-users

Fixed Cost Fee

Increase traffic to your location

Excellent customer support

Ease of set-up


Typical HotSpot Areas


Coffee Shops

Gas Stations


Office Buildings

Fast Food Restaurants





While the EZ HOTSPOT is designed for a small coveraged location, lavgely for Internet access, the same Wi-Fi access technology can easily redesigned for small to medium business use. There are a few requirements:


-       security, to protect your own proprietary business information

-       fast, as time is money which you can not afford to waste

-       customer friendly, in this Internet age, the EZWiFi is the tool of marketing and deal closing

-       mobility, as nothing should be stationary like a post office

-       economical and upgradable, this goes without saying.



Teletronics EZWiFi system is geared for all the above criteria and constantly improving. We serve a well defined customer-base such as an industrial park or a medical complex. Let us know your applications and emphases, we will custom-tailor your unqiue EZWiFi.


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