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EZBridge 200mW (High Power) - RETIRED!


The Teletronics EZBridge aims at providing assistance in building a high-power
connection between your wired LAN and one or more Wireless Local Area Networks.


EZBridge 200mW (High Power)

100mW | 200mW

EZBridge 200mW Features:

Quick and easy to install.

Works with any device that has an Ethernet port.

LED indicators show units operating status.

Web-based configuration screen enables fast and easy setup.

Supports Station Bridge, Ad-Hoc and Access Point modes.

Supports RTS threshold control for better throughput.

Wireless data encryption with 64 and 128 bits encryption for security.

SNMP Support.

200mW High Power RF output.

NEMA 4X/IP66 certified enclosure: protected against dust,
water, and corrosion.

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EZBridge High Power

with NEMA4 Box
Item # 11-210

EZBridge PCB Kit High Power
Item # 11-214

Technical Specifications


IEEE 802.11b


Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)


DBPSK @ 1Mbps; DQPSK @ 2Mbps; CCK @ 5.5 and 11Mbps

Frequency Band:

2.4 GHz (ISM band)

Data Rate Supported:

1, 2, 5.5, and 11 Mbps

RF Configuration Modes:

Station Bridge, Ad-Hoc and AP modes supported

Operating Channels:

11 channels (US, Canada)

Transmit Power:

23±1dBm (~200 mW) Typical

Receive Sensitivity:

1 Mbps: -93 dBm, 2 Mbps: -90 dBm
5.5 Mbps: -85 dBm, 11 Mbps: -82 dBm

TX/RX Range: (In free space)

5.5, 11 Mpbs = 164 Ft. (50 m)
2, 1 Mbps = 360 Ft. (110 m)
5.5, 11 Mbps = 787 Ft. (240 m)
2, 1 Mpbs = 1968 Ft. (600 m)

PCMCIA Card Antenna Connector:

MMCX RP Connector
(Use connector nearby the LED for Outdoor Installations.)

Ethernet Port:

10 base T Ethernet

Network Architecture Types:

AP Bridge Level 2
Infrastructure Bridge Level 2.5

Security Filter:

MAC Address Filtering for 16 clients

Regulatory Approval:

FCC Part 15, Sec. 15.247, Sec. 15.107 and Class B

Weight PCB:

(6.87 oz) 195g

Dimensions PCB:

5.75" L x 3.38" W x 1.25" H
(15cm L x 8.5cm W x 3cm H)

Weight w/ NEMA4 Box:

(2.5 lb) 1.13 Kg

Dimensions w/ NEMA4 Box:

7" L x 5.4" W x 2.8" H
(18cm L x 13.8cm W x 7.3cm H)


Operating Temperature:
(-4°F to 158°F) -20°C to 70°C
10 to 90% (non-condensing)

AC Adapter:

Input 120 VAC -- 60 Hz -- 10 W
Output 9 VDC -- 1.5 A






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