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Broadband Video



Using WiFi or hotspot, Broadband video can be deployed by wireless means. In addition, for homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc., where existing TV cables or telephone lines are in place and all with good configurations, WoCATV (using TV cables ) and Home PNA (using telephone lines) can be utilized for indoor WiFi, hotspot and wireless deployment.






A Summary of what Teletronics can do for its customers

I. Hardware

a. RF Subsystems - Amplifiers, UDCs, Panels
b. Platforms -
 • General Purpose Platform (Linux-based for broad applications Open WRT)
 • Special Embedded Platform (Ubicom-based for dedicated operations)
 • Critical Supporting Subsystems - TAG, TBC, NOC, EZLine® (for IPTV Intranet)

II. Broadband Solutions

HotSpot, WiFi, Low Rate Telemetry Data Network, Video/Surveillance Network

III. Transmission Technologies

Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint; Mesh; WiMAX; IP- Mircowave

IV. Interface Flexibility

Open System, non-proprietary protocols, interoperable with all standard network systems (Wireless-802.11/WIMAX; Network-IP/SNMP/RADIUS; Video-MPEG4/H.264; VoIP-SIP, all upgradeable/reconfigurable to fit various modes of access and security.)

Teletronics' Representative Client List and Examples

 • Over 100 WISPs in USA, including Keyon/Speednet, one of the largest in the country which offers high speed wireless broadband and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to thousands of subscribers in secondary and rural markets in Illinois, Indiana,Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas.
 • US Defense and governmental agencies who have designated Teletronics as their specialist for designing and manufacturing high-end converters for long- distance data transmission at proprietary frequencies.
 • Traffic surveillance system, such as Wireless Technology in Ventura, California which uses Teletronics wireless system to link its street conner cameras for traffic monitoring, and Dream Garden in Grapevine, Texas which plans to let Teletronics for entire Garden visitor monitoring.
 • Marine on-board WiFi system which allows private boats to reach shoreline hotspot base station at a distance of up to 10-miles, the system is actively distributed under the brandname of Radio-at-Sea in major marine terminals/harbors in United States.
 • Native American Reservations and rural communities where Teletronics has obligations to design and implement entire wireless networks carrying IP-based voice, data, and video.
 • Marine on-board WiFi system which allows private boats to reach shoreline hotspot base stations at a distance of up to 10-miles, the system is actively distributed under the brandname of Radio-at-Sea® in major marine terminals/harbors in United States.
 • Numerous point-to-point long-distance low-cost-high- speed microwave links, such as an IP protocol-based link of 20 miles to support 24Mbps throughput data in Nigeria and a 55-mile link to maintain 12Mbps in the USA for Johns Hopkins University.
 • Telco institutions in foreign countries, such as ENTEL Bolivia, where Teletronics supplies broad band equipment for distributing wireless internet access to thousands of subscribers in the major metropolitan areas of Santa Cruz, LaPaz, and Cochabamba.
 • School Districts, such as the wireless distant-learning network involving over 60 schools covering an area of over 300 square kilometeres near Nanjing, China.
 • Commercial Chain Stores, such as the Wi-Fi network of 353 McDonald's® Fast Food Stores covering the entire island of Taiwan.
 • Hotels and Resorts, such as the Coronado Golf Resort Hotel and Caesar's Park Hotel in Panama, and Mariott's Residence Inn® in Philadelphia and the Resort at Glade Springs, WV where Teletronics provides total systems including gateways and billing systems to local operators for profit-making ventures.
 • Mesh Network that maintains 30 Mb transmission even after 4-hops which allows extensive coverage in metropolitan urban areas, already successfully deployed in several major cities in India.
 • UDC Frequency Conversion to support critical communication in the rapid transit rail system in UAE for the entire metro line in Dubai.



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