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Founder, CEO/President-Dickson Fang | Vice Chairman-Derek M.D. Chen | Advisory Committee Members


Founder, CEO/President – Dickson Fang

Born in ChongQing during the Sino-Japanese war, and later immigrating to the United States after finishing his college education in Taiwan, Dickson Fang graduated from Stanford University with a Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering majoring in radio and radar communications. He worked at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) for 8 years as a radio propagationist. In 1974, when COMSAT was formed under the sponsorship of more than 40 countries to launch the global satellite communications business, Dr. Fang was invited to join as a charter member to assume responsibility of the satellite-earth wave propagation program. As such, Dr. Fang was a key member in the historical Early Bird Satellite-Earth propagation establishment, and later he was instrumental in coordinating with NASA, GE, AT&T, MIT Lincoln Laboratories in pioneering the ATS-3, ATS-6 and other subsequent satellite telecom programs.

As a renowned wireless propagationist, he has been a member of International Scientific Radio Union (URSI), and has represented the United States at the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) meetings in Geneva, Switzerland for more than 10 years (1979-1992). He was the drafter of specs for international engineering communities for satellite-earth propagation protocols through the upper atmosphere, specifically CCIR-IV documents 263 and 266. During the cold war era, Dr. Fang was active in AGARD, the military telecom advisory group for NATO. Dr. Fang left COMSAT in 1986 to form Teletronics International, Inc. (Teletronics) and has been its President and CEO since. In the early years, the Company was mainly a defense contractor for design and integration of satellite earth stations for various components of the DOD, NASA, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. In addition, Teletronics provided system integration support for commercial institutions including COMSAT, INTELSAT, PBS, TRT, Lockheed, and RCA among others. Today, Teletronics designs, develops, and manufactures a complete line of products and solutions for high speed wireless broadband systems, including RF amplifiers, up/down frequency converters, wireless network bridges and routers.

Over the years Teletronics has been a pioneer in developing cost-effective products and solutions for the ever-evolving broadband wireless industry. With its products and services sold in more than 60 countries around the world, Teletronics has become a leading total solution equipment supplier of high capacity broadband wireless data, voice and video solutions for both private business enterprises and public access providers.

As a leading authority in microwave and broadband communications, Dr. Fang is also academically productive. Over the years, he authored more than 50 technical papers, two graduate level textbooks and one engineering handbook. At the turn of the century (2000), Dr. Fang was nominated by the International Radio Science panel as the unanimous choice for authoring the centennial tutorial and review article to be published in the authoritative “Review of Radio Science”, describing, as put forth by Professor John Sahr of University of Washington, “the modern understanding and models used to study propagation and degradation of radio waves”. Because of his reputation and stature beyond Teletronics, Dr. Fang has frequently been invited to give speeches in areas which are not pure technical as well. In celebrating the 100th birthday of General Dwight Eisenhower some years ago, the 9th world-wide Conference of People-to-People International, chaired by the Senior George Bush, then the President of United States, invited Dr. Fang to be one of the four key-note speakers in Washington DC for delivering “An Asian Perspective on the Advancement of Telecommunications”. in that speech, Dr. Fang stated:

“It is my view that the advancement of telecommunication from an Asian perspective must lie in the applications of telecommunications. For the sake of allowing telecommunications to become a higher force, telecommunication channels must be made more available and much easier. Many concrete measures can be taken. The technology measures that perhaps are the simplest to formulate, are to make telephones and televisions more readily available at a lower cost.” Teletronics is the company that continues to focus on this perspective.

Vice Chairman – Derek M.D. Chen

Derek Ming-Dar Chen is the Founder, Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Chenco Holding Company, LLC, a firm specializing in real estate asset management and venture capital investment. He is also a co-Founder and Chairman of the Bascom Group, a real estate asset management company specializing in value-added income producing properties located in California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Washington. The Bascom Group manages apartments with market value exceeding US$1.2 billion, and its clients and partners include Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, GMAC, KeyBank and Dow Chemical Pension Fund. Mr. Chen is also the President of Sinolinks Investment Corporation, an asset management company targeting real estate opportunities in Greater China. He was also the Chairman of Teletronics International Inc. in 2005, a Maryland-based technology company specializing in design, development, manufacturing and integration of high-quality, industry leading, wireless broadband communication systems.

Mr. Chen served on the Board of Directors for the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Nevada, on the Advisory Board of Directors for Cathay Bank, a board member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Nevada, a member of the Finance Executive Advisory Board of the College of Business in the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a trustee of the Center for Real Estate at University of Wisconsin – Madison, and a board member of National Asian Pacific Center on Aging. Additionally, he was the Founding President of the Las Vegas Chinese Cultural Foundation, a Trustee of Bill Endow Foundation in Las Vegas. In 1998, Mr. Chen received the "Top 40 under 40" Award in the City of Las Vegas. In 2003, Mr. Chen was given the Leadership Award by the International Leadership Foundation.

Mr Chen studied Chemical Engineering in National Taiwan University, holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Summa Cum Laude, from Eastern Michigan University; and a Master of Business Administration degree in Real Estate and a Master of Science degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Advisory Committee Members

Besides the official Board of Directors, Dr. Dickson Fang seeks advice extensively and regularly from his two advisors, William Lee and Donald Snyder. The two gentlemen have been personal friends and confidants of Dr.Fang for more that 15 years.For technological issues, in which wireless telecom products/services advance quickly, business scenarios evolve globally but at a drastically different pace for each country, Dr. Fang confers most with Dr. William C.Y. Lee. Dr. C.Y. Lee is recognized as a world-class scholar in wireless communications. Dr. Lee currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors, of LinkAir Communications, Inc., the developer of LAS-CDMA -- a new patented technology for wireless telecom systems that significantly increases network capacity, quality, and coverage over existing digital standards. For over two decades, Dr. Lee has been renowned for his leading contributions in marketing commercially viable analog and CDMA technologies.As part of this effort, he has published more than 200 articles and several books on CDMA theory and technology. An expert in developing marketable communications technologies, Dr. Lee holds more than 25 U.S. patents, and has several more pending.

For general legal counsel and financial matters, Dr. Fang consults with Mr. Donald Snyder, an attorney based in Washington D.C. with extensive experience in international matters. In his capacity as Teletronics' General Counsel, Mr. Snyder is involved in the Company's day-to-day legal affairs. In addition, as a former banker, Mr. Snyder provides general financial advice to the Company. His legal, financial and international business experience over the past twenty years has proved invaluable to the Company. As a business lawyer he has extensive experience in structuring and drafting complex business arrangements and has represented national and international corporate and governmental clients across the globe. From 1995 - 2000, Mr. Snyder, fluent in Spanish, represented the Ministry of Finance of a Latin American country providing advice on various privatization projects. In 2006, Mr. Snyder was named Director of Strategic Planning and appointed to the Board of Directors of Teletronics.





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