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Teletronics TT58-600 802.11a 600mW high power mini-PCI

  This is an 802.11a Mini PCI adaptor card that supports data rate up to 108 Mbps. This client device is built with power amplifier MMICs and state of the art components. It can be easily integrated into IT products with a Mini PCI interface and has excellent features that offer an ideal solution for OEM, SOHO, Enterprise and etc.

Wireless LAN Mini PCI Categories

  • Atheros AR5414 chipset
  • IEEE 802.11a high power operation
  • Advanced power management
  • WEP 256 data encryption
  • Support Atheros eXtended Range Technology
  • Built-in heatsink for improved reliability

Mini PCI 802.11a
600mW high power mini-PCI

Item# 11-700

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Technical Information
Description IEEE 802.11a 5GHz WLAN mini-PCI card
Chip Set Atheros AR5006XS, AR5414 (Support 108M)
Operating Voltage DC 3.3V +- 0.1%
Power Consumption IEEE 802.11a: TX: < 1400 mA RX: < 300 mA
Antenna MMCX
Output Power RMS 27-28dBm 1800mA Maximum @ 6Mbps
RMS 20-21dBm 1400mA Maximum @ 54Mbps
Sensitivity IEEE 802.11a
Sensitivity @ Packet Error Rate: 10%
54 Mbps:~ -74dBm
48 Mbps:~ -77dBm
36 Mbps:~ -83dBm
24 Mbps:~ -86dBm
18 Mbps:~ -90dBm
12 Mbps:~ -91dBm
9 Mbps:~ -93dBm
6 Mbps:~ -94dBm
Operating Frequency IEEE 802.11a ISM Band
USA (FCC):5150 MHz – 5350 MHz / 5725 MHz—5850 MHz
Europe (ETSI): 5150 MHz – 5350 MHz / 5470 MHz—5725 MHz
Japan (TELEC) : 5150 MHz – 5250 MHz
Dimension Standard mini-PCI card 4.9x5.9cm
Supported OS Windows XP, Linux, Microtik RouterOS
Weight <50 g
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C

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