Point-to-Multipoint – The Bandwidth You Need

Teletronics' EZLoop® point-to-multipoint system is a network to provide star-configuration,
cost-effective high data-rate service to home, business, and enterprise customers.


  Teletronics Point-to-Mulitipoint System

 For telco-oriented applications, Teletronics' point-to-multipoint system takes advantage of IP backbone networks.The system enables a cumulative data rate of up to 100Mbps from the centralized hub unit and can support hundreds of a customer's sites within the network. The distance from the centralized hub to each of the customer’s sites can vary from a few meters to tens of kilometers; and the antenna coverage patterns can be uniquely designed to cover
either a wide area or a narrow strip of territory as long as line-of-sight paths are available. A system level diagram is shown below.





The essence of Teletronics' point-to-multipoint network is its versatile Base Station Units and Client Station Units, both of which can act as a Bridge or as a Router (see Bridges/Routers for details). A general illustrative diagram is provided below: Any one of Teletronics radio equipment, whether TT, EZPlatfrom or EZMimo, can be used as Base station or Client Station (Commonly known as the CEP). The determining factor is the bandwidth requirement. Teletronics Point-to-Multipoint system is trade registered as the EZloop system.

Teletronics Point-to-Multi-Point Diagram (Click here to enlarge)


As the trade name suggests, Teletronics' EZLoop® systems are easy to implement. The systems have been deployed in cities, oil-fields, mines, schools, banks, surveillance posts, along river-banks, and at other locations around the world. EZLoop® systems are ideal for small to medium-sized operators that cannot afford telco-level costs in implementing the specified elements of an optimized wireless network.


Teletronics’ work tasks to commission a network include:

Performing a customer needs assessment, fully matching system specifications to desired commercial performance.

Performing the necessary propagation analysis and conducting a site survey.

Designing a wireless broadband network that both complements the customer's near-term operations and is
scalable to the customer’s long-term growth expectations.

Installing, integrating, testing, calibrating, and optimizing the system.

Providing training courses for operation and maintenance; and carrying out system maintenance and support services.

Providing warranties; repairing or replacing defective warranted equipment; and offering dial-up network management and performance assistance.


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