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Teletronics International, Inc. announced today the addition of WISP Router as one of its major distributors.


Rockville, Maryland-(October 18, 2006)
Teletronics International, Inc, announced today the addition of WISP-Router, as one of its major
distributors to provide and sell its broadband wireless solution and RF products in the Kansas
region and beyond.

Currently, Teletronics has more than 6 Distributors covering the entire United States. With its increase of Broadband equipment categorizations to the market, including VERSA routers, TT-series base and client stations, dynamic bandwidth controllers, VoIP systems, amplifiers, antennas, frequency, converters, etc., Teletronics has put emphasis on distributors not only for their regional presence, but also their inherited technology expertise. The appointment of WISP-Router reflects Teletronics effort of better serving its customers in a broad sense. With its own equipment capable of integration for a complete broadband network, Teletronics has now positioned itself as a solution provider. Teletronics believes WISP-Router can be an important distributor for its business development.

“Teletronics offers some very interesting products that will compliment and fit very nicely into our product line, “said Eje Gustafsson, President WISP-Router, Inc. “Teletronics is a well known brand in this unlicensed wireless market place. Their wide variety of products overlaps, extends and fits very well into the products WISP-Router already offers. We feel that WISP-Router will be a fresh great addition as a distributor for Teletronics International Inc. and will allow WISP-Router to compliment our existing product line.”

About Teletronics International, Inc.
Teletronics designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of products and solutions for high-speed wireless broadband systems, including RF amplifiers, up/down frequency converters, wireless network bridges and routers. Since 1986, Teletronics has been a pioneer in developing cost effective products and solutions for the ever-evolving broadband wireless industry. Teletronics continues to focus on innovation and is committed to providing its commercial and military customers with the best possible equipment and solutions. Information on Teletronics’ product line is available at

About Wisp-Router, Inc.
WISP-Router, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that strives to provide the most cost effective wireless networking solutions for individuals and companies around the globe. WISP-Router, lnc. offers a complete line of products and solutions for high-speed wireless broadband systems, including antennas, bridges, access points, routers, application servers and gateways. The WISP-Router, lnc technical team can provide complete solutions for wireless broadband data, voice and network applications worldwide. More information on Wisp-Router is available at

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Eje Gustafsson
Tel: 620.231-7777 ext 101
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