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Teletronics International unveils its new High-Power 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz TT Series Bridges


Rockville, Maryland-January 17, 2006
After many successful field trials by major customers, Teletronics International Inc. formally
announced its decision to release its new TT series 802.11 based wireless broadband
bridges/routers, replacing its earlier EZBridge versions.

“The EZBridge routers/bridges have been selling well over the years, but with Wi-Max coming,
we had to upgrade our products, both in performance and price to stay competitive”, said
Dr. Dickson Fang, the CEO of Teletronics; “we believe our 20 Mbps throughput at 5.8GHz over
a distance of 20 miles LOS is unmatchable, not to mention our price is at least 2/3 lower than
that of a Wi-Max system, which is still not available for the mass market.”

All TT Series products are designed for outdoor all-weather deployment and offer a robust,
yet stylish, weatherproof case that can survive against the most-harsh of outdoor environments.
They all have integrated transparent VLAN, QoS, bandwidth control, WPA, WPA2, 64/128 bit WEP
data security, MAC filtering and Web and SNMP features with the new NAT functionality to be
incorporated soon.

The TT Series products cover 802.11a, b, and g at frequencies of 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz. Most
note- worthy is Teletronics’ TT5800 bridge/router, FCC approved at 200 mw power for 5.8 GHz
long-distance applications, which can be configured either as a base-station or as a client-station.
“We were able to put the TT 5800 through various tests during the last three weeks and the results
were to me quite unbelievable despite my vast experience in this field over time” remarked Mr. Yomi,
of InterFinish, an ISP customer of Teletronics, “we were able to get 19.5 miles point-to-point with the
28dBi flat panel antenna and 15 miles on the 22dBi antenna. Both links are steady at 24Mbps
throughput and a latency of 1ms between the two radios, even when fully loaded with data.”

Recognizing the merit of the TT5800, AETC of China invited Teletronics to enter the bidding to be the broadband system supplier for a 60-School Broadband Wireless Project in China which Teletronics eventually won. The essence of the project is to install, at 5.8GHz, wireless broadband systems to
serve approximately 20,000 students in 60 schools spreading over Dang Tu County covering an
area of over 500 square kilometers near Nanjing, China.

For those who can not afford Wi-Max, either because of cost or timing, Teletronics’ TT Series
products offer a reliable cost-effective alternative.

About Teletronics
Teletronics designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of products and solutions for high-speed wireless broadband systems, including RF amplifiers, up/down frequency converters, wireless network bridges and routers. Since 1986, Teletronics has been a pioneer in developing cost effective products and solutions for the ever-evolving broadband wireless industry. Teletronics continues to focus on innovation and is committed to providing its commercial and military customers with the best possible equipment and solutions. Information on Teletronics’ product line is available at

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