Teletronics International, Inc. Unveils Its New
wireless EZBackhaul System (EZB)


September 15, 2009


Teletronics International today is pleased to announce a new long distance wireless system, the Teletronics EZBackhaul system, or simply the EZB. It is essentially a low-cost Rural Connectivity Platform, designed and developed for those areas with rugged geography, power limitation and isolated population. For teleco-operators, these areas are low-priority areas, since the installations are costly without good return by using either satellite, or fiber, or cable. In contrast, the EZB enables long distance, high throughput wireless broadband connectivity in rural area as a cheap microwave link. In addition, the remote unit is readily functional as a broadband AP for WiFi coverage.

“From village to tribe, from town to hill, people can immediately share the internet news, internet medicine, internet education and more without wiring cost”, said Dr. Dickson Fang, the President/CEO of Teletronics, “The EZB is our solution to rescue the isolated people in this information age”.

The EZB comes in two configurations, either All-in One panel (built-in antenna) or Stand-alone Box (selectable gain antennas for broad coverage or for distance). Both can work with Teletornics’ EZ Station (2.4GHz or 5.8GHz), the low cost end user unit. The company releases the following illustration, a package of 2 EZB and 5 EZStation reaching a 20Km remote location contacting 5 WiFi users, at a cost within 3000.00 dollars.

Flexible Deployment Option:

EZBackhaul All-in-One
Outdoor with 5.8 GHz 26 dBi Broad Band Antenna


EZBackhaul Standalone

Demo Solution System Price:  $2999.00

One 50km 5.8GHz EZBackhaul Link with five EZStation5 (local access clients)
Supreme Network Performance
Scalability: 255 subs per base station
Speed: 40 Mbps with link aggregation
Distance: 50Km+ with TDMA outdoor range

EZBackhaul 29dBi 5.8GHz Dish Antenna 5.8GHz 90 Sector Antenna

EZ Station 5 with build in 12.5dBi Antenna

Long Distance WiFi TDMA  (40-50km)

Supreme Network Performance
Scalability: 255 subs per base station
Speed: 40 Mbps with link aggregation




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