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Teletronics EZMIMO 802.11n Product Release


June 23, 2010


ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Teletronics International, Inc. (Teletronics) announced today the release of its latest wireless outdoor bridge packaging, the EZMIMO®. It uses the latest 802.11n WiFi technology which pushes the wireless throughput to a new horizon. While all 802.11n products make 300 Mbps claim but few can substantiate a 60 Mbps in real throughput testing, EZMIMO® can verifiably produce 90 Mbps in a typical outdoor line of sight environment of over 1.5 - mile range.

As a high-end product, the basic configuration of EZMIMO® features a high power 26dBm 802.11n radio card with Atheros AR7130 chipset and integrated with a 5.8GHz 18dBi dual polarized antenna. The fundamental wireless functions include Access Point, CPE Client and WDS Bridge. As its name implies, the EZMIMO® is simple and easy to use. The system is designed to meet any bandwidth demanding applications for data, voice, video, and surveillance, all plug-and-play.

"In facing the challenges of 3G/4G, the broadband wireless industry does not need to roll over and play dead. It can thrive by being further broadband beyond 802.11a in outdoor environment, and focusing on enabling all kinds of business-oriented solutions, which a standard pre-programmed handheld phone device can not do," said Dr. Dickson Fang, the President/CEO of Teletronics. "The EZMIMO® is an open-WRT based, high-end product, and as such, we will release our software and provide technical support to customers who wishes to develop their own flexible but unique business solutions with or without private labeling", he continued, "as always, Teletronics technical support team loves to be the key to its customer's business success."

Focusing on the needs of the proprietary solution developers, such as those in intranet network, surveillance, sensor data collections, device controls, mesh, RFID/Zigbee/GPS integrations, etc., the bareboard of EZMIMO® is ideal. Teletronics sells it at $60/ board for a minimum 10 boards per order. The price does include Open WRT OS, Teletronics evaluation kit and 1 year development support.

The EZMIMO® off-the-shelf one-port standard version which has higher radiation power (26dBm), antenna gain (18dBi) and all season robust case than conventional ones on the market, is selling at $120.00 a piece. For purchases of 100 or over, Teletronics will provide system integration/reconfiguration support. In particular, if long-range, say 10 to 30 Km link, is involved, Teletronics can offer total-solution support, from initial design to final installation. Please contact a Teletronics sales representative for more information on samples, promotional pricing and availability of the EZMIMO® or any other Teletronics wireless products.




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