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Teletronics Launch Cutting-Edge Wireless Access Point – EZPlatform®Plus

Dual Band MIMO, High Power Long Rang, Outdoor, Gigabyte Wireless AP/Hotspot/ Repeater


April 20, 2014


ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Teletronics International, Inc.
Teletronics, an advanced outdoor wireless AP radio system company, announced today the release of its the latest enterprise-class high performance wireless broadband router, the Access Points EZPlatform®Plus. Dr. Dickson Fang, the President and CEO of Teletronics, noted that the release is an upgrade of its existing popular EZPlatform, or EZP, that the Company marketed for years. He said, "As technology rapidly advances, we like to serve the user community and cooperate with the router development groups by offering the EZPlatform® Plus with an Open WRT version. As such, we can share with what we have achieved and hope to precipitate better applications for outdoor use."



Key feature Highlights:

  • Support 802.11b/g/a/n (2.4/4.9/5.8GHz)
  • Dual Radio and frequency
  • High Power Radio (800mW)
  • Support Super Channel
  • Wideband radio 4.9GHz - 6.0GHz
  • Ruggedized IP67 Enclosure
  • Gigabyte Ethernet Port
  • Fast Roaming
  • Average throughput up to 180Mbps

Key Elements for ISP:

  • High Power (29dBm 800mW) for long distance link
  • Super Channel Selection to mitigate interference from 4.9GHz-6.0GHz
  • Dual Radios allowing usage as repeater or backhaul link while providing local coverage at the same time
  • EZ Bandwidth management
  • Remote Control
  • VLAN
  • Multiple SSID

Key Elements for OEM Customer:

  • OpenWRT firmware is available
  • Customized company logo on the OEM Firmware
  • Minimum order quantity required

Key Elements for Video Surveillance and security Markets:

  • More security option like IEEE802.11i, IEEE 802.1x Authentication, MAC address filter and 64/128 bit encryption WEP
  • Higher throughput offers assurance for high definition video surveillance as well as multiple videos simultaneously through the single wireless link
  • Option of Fiber connection (EZP-F); and it can be integrated along with Teletronics EZMIMO products for large scale smart-area system-wide deployment



Key Unique Examples EZP - Underground Communications

The EZP has been widely adopted in 60 countries around the world. In most cases, the product is confirgurated by end-users to fit their own requirement with or without much help from Teletronics. Teletronics most notable success of EZP is in mine application as evident from the use at Shangdong Gold Mine in China. The EZP enables wide band communication from surface all the way down to 630 meters underground through tunnels of 17 turns. All wireless communication is achieved without much fibers, provides voice, data, real-time personnel/equipment/truck location identification, supports daily foot-soldier patrols and emergency rescue commands.

Similar mining example is also available in USA where Teletronics has an alliance with AMR for mining communications. The MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) approval is pending.

Teletronics assigns its China EZP mining application right to XYT, while AMR shall have the right in USA.

We are accepting pre-orders for the EZPlatform® Plus now.

For inquiries or to purchase, please contact Teletronics at 301-309-8500 or email to




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