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Marriott Residence Inn goes with Teletronics' Non-Intrusive Wi-Fi solution.


Rockville, Maryland-May 27, 2003
Teletronics International, Inc. (Teletronics) announced today the launch of its innovative non-intrusive Wi-Fi solution at the Philadelphia Airport Residence Inn by Marriott. This wireless high-speed internet access (HSIA) service covers the Inn’s 102 guest rooms, common areas, and meeting room and is offered to guests as a complimentary amenity.

Different from a typical intrusive Wi-Fi HSIA installation which requires installing access points in attics or rooftops causing additional electrical work or the running of cat-5 cables to the access points, a process that involves the tearing up of walls or modifying existing building infrastructures, Teletronics Wi-Fi HSIA service is non-intrusive. The installation simply requires a skilled technician to wire a room, typically in less than 5 minutes, causing little or no interruption of normal hotel business operations. Teletronics’ patent-pending technology distributes a Wi-Fi signal via the existing CATV cable connected to each guest room. The signal is locally radiated through the air via a small patch antenna installed in each room enhancing performance by as much as 10 db resulting in the elimination of most or all RF interference. This HSIA technology also eliminates the need for imprecise and time-consuming RF site-surveys which, over time, become ineffective and/or obsolete due to ever-changing levels of RF interference. All equipment is installed in secured locations at the hotel (i.e. PBX rooms, cable/telephone closets, etc.).

“The introduction of this non-intrusive and non-invasive Wi-Fi HSIA solution to the hospitality industry will revolutionize the way hoteliers and others implement the HSIA service in the future” noted Dr. Dickson Fang, CEO of Teletronics.

Joe Coleman, general manager of the Philadelphia Airport Residence Inn added, “[it] has been a pleasure working with Teletronics. Their whole team has been very professional during the entire installation, training and silent trial period”.

Based in Rockville, Maryland with nearly 20 years of history, Teletronics designs, develops, manufactures, integrates, and distributes wireless products, services and system solutions. Teletronics' innovative solutions provide fixed or mobile wireless connectivity for indoor or outdoor network nodes for data, voice and video transmissions.

Teletronics’ line of products features broadband, high-speed, high-capacity transmission equipment and includes servers, bridges, routers, antennas, amplifiers, access points, WLAN Cards, modems, and other accessories. Teletronics' products enable its ISP/WISP customers to deliver high speed, open access connectivity, and last 10-mile IP transport services to their clients, at a fractional cost of DSL or Cable Modem roll-outs. In addition to hundreds of ISP/WISP clients, Teletronics has binding exclusivity agreements with public and private Internet deployment institutions in several countries around the world.

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