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We are experts on FR circuitry. Our amplifier/UDC often comes with filters to do proper band shaping.


UDC900M-PoE 1W - Coming Soon!


Teletronics' PoE Up/Down Converter 900M is a product that delivers 1Watt of 902-928 MHz signal for long range applications.


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The Up/Down Converter 900M-PoE 1W
A highly linear product that delivers 1Watt of 900 MHz signal for
long range applications. Power over Ethernet design allows for
easy integration with other PoE enabled devices. Works with all
brands of 2.4GHz radios without any adjustments, including
Direct Sequence (DSSS).

Also available in OEM package with 48VDC input for use within
an existing 2.4GHz radio. Contact sales office for details.

Technical Specifications


UDC 900M PoE 1Watt

Frequency Band to Ant:

902-928 MHz

Frequency Band to Radio:

2438 - 2464 MHz

Local Oscillator Frequency:

1536 MHz

Frequency Stability:

± 2.5 ppm

Output Power:

1 Watt (+ 30dBm)

Input Power:

10 mW ~ 50 mW
(10 dBm to 17 dBm)

RX Conversion Gain:

15 dB

TX Conversion Gain*:

up to 22 dB

Noise Figure:

4 dB

RF Connector:

SMA, Female, 50 Ohm

Power Consumption:

Tx = 300mA, Rx= 40mA @ 48VDC

Operating Temperature:

-40 °C to + 70 °C 


4.15" L x 3.15" W x 1.00" H

2400/900 MHz Channel Conversion Table

802.11 Channel

2400 MHz

900 MHz




Up/Down Converter

902 - 928 MHz 1 W

Product Information:

Data Sheet (PDF)
Technical Specs

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