Broadband Network & NOC


Teletronics' fixed wireless network solutions use advanced digital wireless technology to provide voice and data services.


Teletronics Wireless Network

  • Voice and Data

  • Low Cost

  • Centralized NOC

  • Simple Design

  • IP Network

  • Trial and Training

  • Reconfiguration and Relocatable

  • Security Features

The fixed wireless network, or wireless local loop, is the ability to provide network users access to voice and data networks through the use of wireless radio technology instead of traditional copper or fiber wire. Fixed wireless access has several advantages over the traditional wire-line service, including lower costs, faster deployment, and the ability to grow a network as market demand increases.

Solutions include fixed wireless access points and bridges, VoIP gateways, antenna systems, and a Network Operational Center (NOC). End-users will be provided with robust, reliable connectivity and the high performance of wired LANs, but with the flexibility, mobility, and attractive cost of wireless.

Network users that do business on the Internet face ever-growing security threats.
A security solution must provide the ability to:

1. Authenticate network users with strong authentication techniques before granting access.
2. Ensure the privacy and integrity of communications over private networks via VPN.
3. Protect internal network addressing schemes and clone MAC addresses.
4. Deliver detailed logging and accounting information on all communication attempts.

Private Network Services

Teletronics' Private Network Services are the choice of Middle East Countries for integrating voice and data networks into one converged network. Teletronics Private Networks seamlessly integrate delay-sensitive voice with data traffic on the IP intranet providing managed, high quality communications.

Shown below, is a typical private network diagram based on multiple
sites of a village/campus connected via radio towers.

Network Operation Center (NOC)

Network Operating Center (NOC) Hardware and Software manages all voice and data access gateways or nodes in provisioning, configuration, authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA), billing, credit card processing, and networking monitoring of a given private network.


System Management and Reports:

-Network management, monitoring and supervision
-Remote provisioning and software update
-Coordinates network troubleshooting
-Provides troubleshooting management
-Provides two support levels: end-user and operator
-Network operator traffic and statement reports
-Billing based on prepaid cards and credit cards
-Call Detail Report (CDR) for Voice
-L2TP End-to-End VPN


-Anti-MAC cloning access control
-Layer 2 Infra-BSS filtering for HotSpot node access control
-VPN to secure authorized user access
-Firewall to protect system integrity
-Operator privilege control



-Redundancy RADIUS and database servers
-Centralize authorization, authentication and accounting (AAA)
-Real time network status and traffic monitoring
-Real time network node monitoring
-Automatic database backup system


-Web-based system management and monitoring
-Customizable login web page
-Web-based prepaid card/calling card activation
-Customizable system alert


-Customer registration and voice management
-Trouble ticketing
-Payment, credit and adjustment






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