Teletronics designs and produces a new product or solution every 3 to 6 months. This page presents new systems and applications in the broadband in building category.



Teletronics' Broadband-in-Building system uses its Mini RAS, IPAM, and ATu-R to supply
wireline/wireless IP network for multiple tennants in a building. The configurations of its
Mini RAS and IPAM are shown below.

The Mini RAS, which uses L2TP Technology, under patent pending by Teletronics,
assures end-to-end VPN connectivity through PPPoE mode. It is IP based broadband
which eliminates the use of ATM connection altogether. The ethernet CAT-5 wiring in
building can be eliminated and usage of telephone line wiring will be sufficient.

Building Broadband:

  • Wireless ADSL to each room

  • Low cost capital expense using IP-DSLAM

  • Mini-RAS to serve multiple service provider

  • Use existing telephone twist pair line





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