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Teletronics Supports Nation-Wide Wi-Fi Network in Bolivia (04/15/04)


Rockville, Maryland, (BUSINESS WIRE)—April 15, 2004 — Teletronics International, Inc.
During the official launch of Bolivia's scheduled nationwide Internet (or Wi-Fi) on March 31, 2004 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Mr. Richard Sandobal, the General Manager of Empresa Nacional De Telecommunications Soiedad Anonima (ENTEL), and Dr. Dickson Fang, the President/CEO of Teletronics International Inc. (Teletronics) entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) which pledges ENTEL's and Teletronics' "continuing strategic cooperation". As part of the official launch, ENTEL hosted a 2,000-guest party attended by government dignitaries, telco executives, industrialists and the general public to present and demonstrate its advanced Wi-Fi system supplied by Teletronics, a leading US wireless broadband equipment manufacturer and solution provider. The system consists of a combination of Base Stations and Client Station terminals strategically located throughout Santa Cruz, a city of nearly 2 million residents. The LOI reaffirms "Teletronics' grant to ENTEL of an exclusive right to deploy Teletronics' products for the entire country of Bolivia" for its nationwide wireless Internet services, and Teletronics' commitment to supply the equipment and technical support including site surveys, system design, field trials, training, and applications for the wireless access services.

Mr. Sandoval echoed a similar statement made by Mr. Mario Fumi, the President of ENTEL, in his speech at the official launch, referencing Teletronics "We understand that the technology itself is constantly evolving. For this reason, we are happy that ENTEL and TELETRONICS have agreed to work closely together as a team and are committed to keep up with the technological advances to assure that all future expansions and additions to the Wi-Fi network in Bolivia are and remain 'state-of-the-art' allowing Bolivia to be connected to the entire world with first-class technology."

Wi-Fi deployment is underway in Santa Cruz and La Paz, the nation's capital, and will begin shortly in Cochabamba, the third largest city in Bolivia. Dr. Fang noted that, "with its Spanish/Portuguese-speaking technical team offering substantive on-site support to major telecom service providers throughout South America, Teletronics continues to advance its mission to become a leading global broadband wireless company, stating "with Bolivia, we have laid another stone in the foundation, and we look forward to continue supporting these types of projects."

About Teletronics
Based in Rockville, Maryland with nearly 20 years of history, Teletronics designs, develops, manufactures, integrates, and services wireless systems. Teletronics' innovative solutions provide fixed or mobile wireless connectivity for indoor or outdoor network nodes for data, voice and video transmissions.

Teletronics’ line of products features broadband, high-speed, high-capacity transmission equipment and includes servers, bridges, routers, antennas, amplifiers, access points, WLAN Cards, modems, and other accessories. Its customers include wireless ISPs that deliver high speed, open access connectivity, with a need to provide last 10-mile IP transport services to their clients. Teletronics' equipment enables ISPs to claim speed, efficiency, and ease of use at a fractional cost of DSL or Cable Modem. In addition to hundreds of ISP clients, Teletronics has binding exclusivity agreements with public and private Internet deployment institutions in several countries around the world.

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