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Patent for SmartAmp™ amplifier issued to Teletronics International, Inc. (2/17/04)


Rockville, Maryland, February 17, 2004 — Teletronics International, Inc.
announced today that the Company has been issued patent number 6,681,100 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its SmartAmp™ amplifier. This invention, based upon applying Automatic Gain Control (AGC) technology, optimizes an amplifier's operational capabilities in a broad range of advanced spread spectrum systems and broadens the selection of hardware in Wireless LAN, WAN and MAN applications. As such, different versions of the SmartAmp™ amplifier serve as integral parts in many small and large broadband wireless networks under FCC part 15 certification, including networks based on Cisco's Aironet® WLAN radio.

The SmartAmp™ amplifier is input-power based, coupled with a stable constant gain circuit. This Automatic Gain Control technology significantly simplifies the use of standard bi-directional amplifiers. Thus, the variations among different types of radios over a wide range of RF cable lengths are automatically compensated and stabilized without user adjustment, effectively making the RF amplifiers "Plug & Play."

This technology enables an amplifier to maintain constant output power and prevent transmission signal distortion for a wide signal input range. It not only offers excellent signal linearity but also provides a competitive advantage for broadband wireless internet service providers (WISPs) and system integrators.

Dr. Dickson Fang, Teletronics President and CEO, said "[w]e submitted this patent application more than four years ago. During that time, this innovative technology has been subject to vigorous scrutiny by patent experts, competitors, and imitators in every possible way. We are pleased about the outcome, as it only strengthens our belief that Teletronics is at the forefront of broadband technology."

About Teletronics
Teletronics designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of products and solutions for high speed wireless broadband systems, including RF amplifiers, up/down frequency converters, wireless network bridges and routers. Since 1984, Teletronics has been a pioneer in developing cost-effective products and solutions for the ever-evolving broadband wireless industry. Teletronics continues to focus on innovation and is committed to providing its commercial and military customers with the best possible equipment and solutions. For more information, visit





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