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Underground communications cover mines, tunnels, underwater passages, rails, pipelines, deep wells storages, burial sites, etc. Typically, wave transmissions are extremely difficult, due to all kinds of electromagnetic anomalies, such as alternation, absorption, blockage, reflection, diffraction, scattering, depolarization, noises and interferences.

In the United States, we have been invited by AMR (American Mine Research) in deploying our unique systems in AMR mines in West Virginia and Virginia. The results are exciting to the extent that AMR now uses Teletronics system for MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) approval with a prospective of nation wide deployment.


In China, Teletronics has been the prime contractor in establisheing full mine wireless coverage in Shangdung Gold Mine.

    1. At Shangdong, China, 17 tunnel turns all the way down to deep underground at 630 meters below.
    2. All wireless without fibers, provides voice, data real time personnel location identification, and emergency rescue directives.
    3. IP based, simple to reconfigurate, installation and maintain.
    4. Readily integratiable with all applicational devices such as VoIP phones, surveillance cameras, RFID location identifiers, and compatible with Zigbee and other systems for local operations.

Teletronics technology demonstrates fully the full coverage versatilities of providing voice, data and video in underground environment, and provides effective assurance for expansion of human activities underground in the future.


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