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EZWiFi-OpenWrt WISP Evaluation Kit

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A fully functional EZWiFi-OpenWrt evaluation kit is available for Wireless ISP customer order. The hardware includes an EZWiFi Bare Board, a NEMA4 enclosure, a MiniPCI radio and accessories. The software includes the latest Teletronics board support packages based on Red Boot and OpenWrt distribution. The evaluation kit is instantly available for WISP to add value services for their customers.

The Evaluation Kit is an orderable item from Teletronics International. The kit contains the following items:

  • One EZWiFi BB-2 (IXP425-533MHz Dual MiniPCI)
  • Pre-Installed OpenWrt + X-Wrt
  • One Teletronics 600mW 802.11b/g MiniPCI Radio (Atheros Based)
  • One NEMA4 Enclosure
  • One 2.4GHz 10dbi Omni Antenna and Pigtail
  • One PoE (Power over Ethernet) Adapter
  • One 48V DC Power Supply
  • One Ethernet Cable
  • One Serial Cable
  • One Serial Port Adapter
Technical Information
Intel® IXP425 533MHz Network Processor
Memory 64MB SDRAM, 16MB Flash
Boot loader RedBoot
Ethernet Two 10/100Base-T ports
Serial Port Two RS232 ports
Mini PCI Two MiniPCI Type III slots
LEDs Power, Wlan1 status, WLAN2 status
Power options Power over Ethernet, 10-48V DC
Dimensions 7.2 in x 6.8 in
Power Consumption 30W maximum
Operating System Linux 2.6.x kernel
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
Operating Current 1.2 typical @ 24 V

EZ Platform

WISP Evaluation Kit
  • 11-330 EZWiFi
    -OpenWRT System
  • 11-331 EZWifi
    -OpenWRT System, PCBA only
Product Information:

How to buy our products

Teletronics offers engineering support for special developments under customer request. Appropriate case, radio cards and antenna will also be recommended. Different from those "comparable" multi-slot router products in the market, the EZWiFi has an innovative PoE design which adopts to a wide-range of DC power sources, from 10 to 60 VDC, allowing the platform to be suitable for use in boats, RVs, buses, Internet hotspots and long range IP-based data-link relays. The radio cards can be high-power cards. It supports Linux 2.6 Kernel with flexible manufacturing options and RoHS compliance. At designated frequencies of 700MHz, 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 3.5GHz, 4.4GHz, 5.4GHz or 5.8GHz cards, EZWiFi-BB increases the mini PCI power spec from a max of 2.5W to a total of 20W for all two sockets.


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