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With First 500 Successful, Teletronics Now Formally in HotSpot (May 22, 2003)


Rockville, Maryland-(BUSINESS WIRE)-May, 22, 2003
With its success of over 500 hotspots in Asia, Teletronics International Inc. (Teletronics) announced today that it launches its hotspot business to USA and beyond.

Under a marketing plan of $12.99 per month unlimited usage with nationwide roaming, which is almost 1/3 lower in cost than its competitors, Teletronics intends to install at its expense the hotspot gateways at selective airports and gasoline stations for services covering the entire USA.

Furthermore, "recognizing the vast different info-communications market scenario in US, where locally owned ISPs are growing with vitality and IT small businesses are popping up everywhere like mushrooms," Dr. Dickson Fang, the President/CEO of Teletronics said, "our hotspot strategy in USA is based on an operator-favorable revenue distribution, which means an entrepreneur with a publicly accessible space such as restaurant, shop, parking lot, apartment, or mall can buy our gateway at a cost below $500 and become an instant high percentage profit-sharing hotspot operator."

Another significant hotspot product currently under beta testing is Teletronics' mobile-gateway, which allows passengers in buses, trains, and other public/private vehicles, to use their WiFi laptops or PDAs to access Internet via GPRS, CDMA, or PHS networks.

The product, scheduled to be released before this summer, will provide Teletronics a unique cutting edge wireless technoglogy to expand its territory in the ever increasingly competitive hotspot market.

Teletronics has just successfully completed the equipment delivery and onsite installation of an entire hotspot system for 363 McDonald's stores in R.O.C. Taiwan. Teletronics' delivery was under an agreement with Yaw Jenq Technology Inc. (YJT), who is the overall contractor with McDonald's.

To officially commence the hotspot service to the public, a news conference was held in Taipei on May 21, 2003 attended by YJT, McDonald's and Intel, the latter being the promoter of its Centrino laptops via the McDonald's hotspots. In the conference, Simon Hsu, the President of YJT, acknowledged Teletronics role with gratitude in YJT's hotspot business undertaking.

As the single most significant institutional shareholder of YJT, Teletronics has co-developed and co-owned with YJT, the technology for WLAN systems and WiFi Easy-Up Hotspot systems. This technology has been successfully deployed in Taiwan McDonald's (363 restaurants), Kohikan Enterprise and other Internet Cafes (300 Direct Outlets and franchises), plus a number of office buildings (443), shopping malls (11), college campuses (29), international airports (2), and 5-star hotels (31) in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, and other major cities in China.

Teletronics is an 18-year old telecom hardware/service company based in Rockville, Maryland. The company designs, develops and manufactures both fixed or mobile, short and long range wireless systems for commercial as well as military applications.





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